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Give Me Rain (2022)

written for the musical "The Happiness Project"

Braver (2020)

written for the musical "Far from the Tree," and performed by cast member Cameron Burrill 

Civility (2020)

Written for my best friend and the nicest person I know, Sarah Reed.

You Could Read a Book (2019)

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.


I'm smarter than you.

Heavy Things (2019)

Exploring a different style

I Cry (2019)

Finally, an uptempo comedic song for sopranos!

Natasha's Lament (2019)

Written for Voni Kengla because who doesn't like a song about a disappointed Russian spy?

Fine (2019)

Written for Natalie Harde because there are not nearly enough smart funny songs for women.

Only Good (2018)

Written for the unpublished musical "Too Many Wishes" by Steve Jones. A mother's simple wish for her child. 

Sybil Ludington (2017)

This song imagines a meeting between Sybil Ludington and Paul Revere, both heroes of the Revolutionary War who undertook daring midnight rides on horseback to warn the countryside of impending British attack. Though Ludington was only sixteen years old, she rode twice as far as Revere and managed to evade capture by British forces.

Amazing (2018)

Written for Jon Rodriguez on the occasion of his debut as Usnavi in Playhouse on Park's production of "In the Heights," July 2018. For high (Latino) tenor (up to B4).

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