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Children's Songs

Sheet music available for purchase here.

Home Soo-weet Home (2017)- for three little pigs
To Do the Deed (2004)- for an evil queen and her magic mirror
Party of the Year (2004)- for three dim but well-meaning fairies
The Flamingo Song (2005)- for two pretentious pinkies
Oh My, Aren't You Wonderful (2004)- for a princess and her frog
Sometimes I Wish I Were Blue (2004)- for a frog and a friend
Smooth Sailing (2002)- for a cool villain and his/her henchmen
If the World Were All Blue (2017)

This song for children's choir (or solo voice) and piano was written as the finale to a larger piece, "White Light", which was written for and premiered by the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Music Department in March 2017. All proceeds from sheet music sales for this song go to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. 

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