Children's Songs

Sheet music available for purchase here.

Home Soo-weet Home (2017)- for three little pigs
To Do the Deed (2004)- for an evil queen and her magic mirror
Party of the Year (2004)- for three dim but well-meaning fairies
The Flamingo Song (2005)- for two pretentious pinkies
Oh My, Aren't You Wonderful (2004)- for a princess and her frog
Sometimes I Wish I Were Blue (2004)- for a frog and a friend
Smooth Sailing (2002)- for a cool villain and his/her henchmen
If the World Were All Blue (2017)

This song for children's choir (or solo voice) and piano was written as the finale to a larger piece, "White Light", which was written for and premiered by the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Music Department in March 2017.